summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

....not gonna argue...

You know, I put out info that I find, that's helpful to me.  It's plain and clear that there's a lot going on in this world of ours, and if you choose to believe that the politicians and lawmakers are honest and upright and doing everything for your best, then good, I am honestly glad  that you have's almost enviable.

If you choose to ignore the fact that so many lawmakers/spouses have stock in pharmaceutical companies, good.

If you don't know people working in the medical field who are alarmed at the sheer numbers of strokes, blood clots, and heart attacks in people who have been vax-ed, then good.

If you didn't see the woman post the pic of her 16 year old son this morning, he had a major stroke after the vax, good.

In our county this week, there are 19 hospitalized with Covid-19, 13 are vaccinated, six are un-vaccinated.

This is taken directly from the county website.

This is a free country.  That is my point.  Censorship is not freedom.  Healthcare is not one size fits all, and people should do their own research and choose what's best for them.  Not long ago, our very own CDC declared that having the virus would be good immunity, then they changed their mind and said to get the V too.  There was talk about herd immunity, way back when, where is that now? 

So should you just listen to random people like me?  No way!  But shh, have you noticed that anyone with a different narrative than what's being pushed is villianized?  Joe Rogan treated his Covid-19 with the antibodies, and a few other meds, and I saw someone refer to it as his essential oils.  He's fine!  Aaron Rodgers is fine!  But don't just listen to someone like me.  Do your own digging, and do what you have peace for.  I don't write things here to start trouble, or to fight with anyone.  

I think it's important that we remember history, however, or we're doomed to repeat it.  

So in any case, our adventure to The Great Outdoors was great fun yesterday.  What a place!  So many cool people in that store.  Everyone was seriously so nice, too.  The guy who helped us with our purchase, and the lady who saw me looking at something and so kindly gave her opinion, as I had no idea about these things...above and beyond, seriously.  

We picked Miss Charlotte Claire up from school early, after her college credit class, which she cannot miss.  We went to Target to do an order pick up (the dog chow we buy had a five dollar gift card, so why not?), and some of the best coffee, Kicking Horse...I'm not getting a penny to say how yummy it is, 35% off last week...still a bit pricey, but oh so good!  We of course went in and looked around, and oops, a few more grandkids' gifts!  It's sad though, for people who shop last minute:  the shelves are ravaged.  There isn't a Hershey kiss in the store!  The Christmas candy is simply decimated, gone.  If you're thinking to go on the 26th for half price candy, nope, not this year.  

We went to Aldi to get our Christmas Eve stuff, cheeses and the like, and to Walmart to get a box of mozzarella sticks, which are SO GOOD in the air fryer.  We're having appetizer things on Christmas Eve:  meatballs in bbq sauce (Stubbs, which I am not getting a penny for endorsing, ha), the mozzarella sticks, cheeses, butter chicken on skewers from Emily, pizza pockets, veggies and dip, and maybe some nacho cheese sauce and tortilla chips...with fudge and cookies, of course.

Christmas Day we'll have dinner at Benjamin's house, a proper Texas de Brazil knockoff:  brisket, pulled pork, Mac and cheese, ribs....

So now is the calm before the storm.   I have so many things to do, but I don't want to start them.  Well, yesterday I wrapped 28 little gifts for the activity club kids, we're having a small party tonight.  Emily will bring her guitar, we'll sing some Christmas songs, color some Christmas pictures, play with play dough, and have some treats.  

I have cookies to make, but all of my gifts are wrapped, can you believe that?  Shh, I'm actually not that busy.  But, we created a menu for the week, and today is butter chicken, or curry, or whatever, Indian chicken I guess...I have to get that going and into the crock pot, and make the lasagna for tomorrow.  The girls were adamant that we make it, as we have a container of ricotta...we'll put it together today, and have it tomorrow.  I don't want to be eating all those carbs, so I might just make some with frozen veggies, for me...

Sonja is on college break, so she likes staying up later and I still get up at 6:30 to see Miss Char out the door, so I'm tired!  And Char doesn't like it, she has to get to bed earlier, she's like don't watch anything fun without me!

Anyway.  Paul is out bow hunting.  He saw a nice deer yesterday and missed the shot.  That's always tough.  He took some back-straps out of the freezer the other day and grilled them, I tasted but wasn't impressed, sorry, I try to like venison, but there's just a wild taste that just ....blah.  He, however, loved them, and is newly inspired to get more, ha.  (I'm such a grinch, I hope he doesn't get a deer right before Christmas, but if he does, at least now he takes them to a local place to get them year, yes this is true, he had that deer on the kitchen table, hacking it up....on a table cloth of course, but I was at the other table frosting cookies, true hicks, right?  oh dear.  ). But for HIS sake, I do hope he gets one.  

Yeah, I need to get up and get busy....maybe make some gingerbread cookie dough....and one more batch of butter cut outs...


Linda said...

Gosh, you make perfect sense to me...and I will add to this; if you think the government (especially here in NY) isn't or won't use any death to their advantage, you are wrong. We found out that the news has been 'advertising' our sons death as one of the youngest deaths. HORRIBLE HUMAN BEINGS, WHAT YOU PEOPLE CAN'T ASK FOR PERMISSION FIRST? I did fire off a letter and a letter to the Dept. of Health for a cease and desist (our attorney is doing that). Since there was no autopsy done, YOU CAN NOT STATE COVID. PERIOD. Not even his death certificate states COVID. OK, done ranting...feel free to delete this, Della. I am just stating, the government is using this virus to control folks etc...period. I know my grief is really overtaking any logical thinking, but I am just stating my beliefs...and until anyone can actually live through this mess, I will tell you my judgement is clouded and will remain so.

ANYWAYS, I can't wait to find out what you bought for Paul, grin. No car? No boat? No 4 wheeler (grin). Have a beautiful day friend.

Terri D said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!! xo

Mari said...

I agree - there is much to be concerned about.
I also agree about venison. My hubby is also a hunter, but I hate when that meat comes home. I think maybe if I wasn't cooking it I would like it better? I don't like the smell of it. He thinks it's great!

Dana said...

Someone disagreeing respectfully or pointing out something erroneous doesn’t mean an argument or starting a fight. Why do people think having a different view point means aggression or that they somehow know everything about that person? What does this have to do with politicians and lawmakers? I simply pointed out that the information you shared should contain the full background and the full nuances before sharing. Has nothing to do with arguing or politics, quite honestly.

16 blessings'mom said...

Linda, that's awful, so sorry they're doing that to you guys. Fear and sensationalism, it's wrong. You are always allowed to state your beliefs on my blog...and as for the Bass Pro purchase, it isn't all that exciting, but you'll still have to wait...:)
Thank you Terri, Merry Christmas!
Mari, why do they like venison so much? A few of my kids are adventurous and appreciate it with him, good thing.
Dana, I didn't mean to imply anyone wanted to fight with me, just that I stated what I have read and understood, got some feedback, and that's that. I guess I was a bit snarky, and I am sorry about that. What do politicians and lawmakers have to do with this? I don't even know where to start with that one, so I'll just leave it there. I do admire your ability to articulate, my mind is a jumble of things I want to say, but no smooth way to write it. :)

Cassandra said...

I like how your county does number of vaccinated and unvaccinated. It is important to know everything. My county doesn't do that. My state reports anyone who dies of any cause that has tested positive for Covid within 30 days as a covid death. So wrong.

The venison thing cracked me up. My ex husband always processed his own deer to save money. One year it was at Christmas time in our tiny apartment on our tiny kitchen table. Yuck. I don't eat it either but will eat ground deer if mixed with ground beef, sometimes!