summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Thursday, June 4, 2009

she bit me!!

Not Rosie, Charlotte Claire! At the check-out in Price-Chopper, she and Jon had had it with sitting nicely in the car-car-cart. They were being good about the tempting candy at the register, probably because I never buy it for them, but they were romping around in that small space, and suddenly I felt horrible pain in the back of my calf. I looked down and Charlotte Claire was on all fours, looking up at me with a huge grin on her face. I was talking to the bag-girl about puppy housebreaking, and puppy biting, and I guess Miss C.C. was jealous or something. (The bag-girl insists that the best way to get a pup to stop nipping is to bite them back. right.)Anyway, I looked at Miss C.C., told her that was not nice, and continued my conversation. I mean, was I supposed to scream, "OUCH you little brat you just BIT me!"?

Yeah, I have a bruise, and I showed it to her when we walked out of the store, and told her that was very mean to do to mommy. I am not a licensed phychiatrist, but here's my diagnosis anyway:

1. She had been pretty well behaved through two stores, and she short-circuited.

2. She was jealous that I was talking about the dog.

3. She was innnocently playing that she was a dog, and copying Rosie.

All three mixed together, that is what I think. The cure? The bag-girl probably would have shouted, "Bite her back, bite her back!".....I am thinking more attention? If I believed in spanking, I'd have given her a good one. (Oh, spanking is something so controversial....I do think once in a while they need a little spank on the bottom to show them you really mean business, and turn them from what they are doing,but to spank as a punishment...nah, we parents are big and kids are little...not very nice.) Hopefully it was just a fluke, and I don't have to buy her a muzzle.

We are ready to eat...yes, here I sit while Joseph cooks some chops on the grill. I already made a salad and the table is all ready.....Paul is going to be late because he is stopping at his dad's house. The older kids (Abigail, Mirielle, Joseph, Aaron, Mali, Sam, and Margaret) are going to the youth meeting after dinner, so we want to start early because it is so much fun sitting at the table. We do solve the problems of the world while we sit there. If you want to have lots and lots of fun and fellowship, eat dinner with your family everyday. Yes, there are spills. There are fights. But there are lessons in manners, respect and sharing that they don't even realize they are learning.....and oh, it is fun!


Cassandra said...

Firstly i want to say thankyou for the nice comments you leave for me Della, it makes my day when you leave me a comment ;-)
Secondly, I cant believe she bit you!!!! The way you wrote it did make me laugh though, and i agree about the eating dinner togethor too....

Cassandra xx

LivingSimply, SimplyLiving said...

I must say...I read the title and did think of the pup gave me a giggle with the way you presented it...
I am in agreement with you...eating dinner as a family is so beneficial...I think it is one of the greatest memories I can give my kids..

Martha said...

The suggestion of a muzzle made me laugh. Where do you come up with these things? Muzzle or spanking? I'm afraid I'd have to vote for the spanking, seems a bit more humane. I'm glad to hear you didn't bite her back! ;)

cheryl said...

When Audrey and I walked out of the awards ceremony last night, she noticed a McDonald's drink container sitting on the sidewalk step right across from our van. Since she'd had one just before we got there, she said, Oh, is that MY drink?? And I said, very quickly, If it is, I will BEAT you!!.. We were laughing, of course, but a lady was standing there so I said I was really only kidding.. and she laughed and said, Oh, I'm all for a good beating once in awhile to keep them in line.. I'm certain she was joking, too, since we were all laughing. (Audrey's cup was in the van). It was just too much to sit through the ceremony behaving ourselves for almost 2 hours (we didn't behave, we played several rounds of hangman, and changed the titles of all the awards), and it was extra hard being good because my daughter the teacher was sitting on stage, hopefully not watching us too closely.
Your biting story made me laugh, Bill wanted to know what was so funny, so I told him, and he's watching Rodney Dangerfield while he's working on his computer and the pool. (??)

M said...

WEIRD Lil bit me yesterday with total intent. On the arch of my foot. She got a swift time out and no dramatic attention for it. Such things are usually exactly what you describe as possible reasons.

Freaking smallpeople.

And dude. The bite back or spank behavior makes me twitchy. DUUUUUUDE no no no no no no and more NO!

Renata said...

Ouch! One of my sons went through a biting phase & it sure wasn't nice.
We always eat dinner as a family, but I bet your table is even noisier & more fun than ours - I love family dinners!
I do have a question - what kinds of punishments do you use if you don't use spanking. I'm finding spanking isn't really working with the twins & I'm after some ideas..

momto9 said...

speaking if is the type I reccomend:):)