summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

deep thoughts on wednesday morning

Okay, I did not realize that it was almost one in the morning....I thought it was like eleven thirty. Rrr. I got into bed as quickly as I could after that, thinking that I would get six hours of sleep and be a bit tired....little did I know that for some reason Miss Camille would be awake and fussing every few minutes all night. I did not count how many times I got up with her, or that I told her to SHH from my bed (it is AWESOME when that DID work a few times....)I do not know why she did this last night, I am half-expecting her to be feverish or something when she wakes up. (My sister-in-law's kids have been sick, one last week and some this week, and we were with them right in between) So I was really hoping Camille wouldn't barf, and so far she didn't.....barfing in the night, blah! Just the thought of it scares the life out of me.

So, I should go back to bed. Back to bed. Turn on the electric blanket. Yummm. But I probably won't. I think I will make another batch of chocolate chip cookies, because the Norwegians really like them. And because if one cannot nap, one can eat cookies. And yes, I do recognize the danger of this mindset, seeing that I have been more or less tired for like 25 years now.

I also see that when one is tired, one doesn't care so much about things. Like the house, for example. We have our guests here still, and normally I would be tidying up and making it spiffy before they come upstairs. And making a pan of scrambled eggs with cheese and some sausages....and putting the pot of coffee on...but today, I am going to have to make myself get up and do these things.....because....blah.

Why do I stay up so late at night? Well, as much as I love the younger kids, and am extremely entertained by their constant conversation, when they are all tucked in for the night, I can talk to the older ones without interuptions....or I can sit in the quiet, ...I think the right word might be, "bask"....

Tonight there is a Sisters' Meeting for the women in our church. We haven't had one in a while, and they are NOT to miss. Very encouraging and uplifting and fun. But tonight is our company's last night the older ones want to have a party....I told them to go ahead, but it probably won't be much fun without me. ha.

Well, as tired as I am, my pride is not leaving me alone.....those niggling whispers are fast turning to screams, and I need to get up and get this place into shape and start the coffee....blah. No, our guests are wonderful, and I am extremely glad to serve them. It is so hard to explain, but these young people are so happy and full of life and battling against sin and they are pure and good and do not seek their own....they are like sunshine, seriously. I am totally humbled and honored that they would want to spend such a big vacation at OUR house. ha. But for some reason, they I am trying to make it nice for them. Oh, how I wish there were two of to get busy, the other to just sit here and write...wait, I need three, because one needs a nap.....


Martha said...

Nighttime barf, a mothers worst nightmare. I'd rather have wet sheets and blankets 363 days a year. (They stayed dry a time or two...)

I never thought that if I couldn't nap I could always eat cookies... That is a grand idea!

Dana said...

I have been thinking for weeks about your idea of going back to nursing school. And if you want to you absolutely should! But what I want to say is that you have had a career--a really, really hard and fulfilling one for 25 years now and one that you will never get to retire from. Your husband will be able to retire from his job and pick up hobbies and have fun but you'll always be the mom. Just because you love your job doesn't mean that it hasn't been a job. I get so much encouragement and inspiration from you in your job as a mommy that I just wanted to say thanks and remind you how important you are in the world.

Kris said...

Awww...hope you find time somehow to sneak that nap in and I pray your little one isn't sick this morning. Thank you for visiting me!!

Natalie said...

I've enjoyed reading your happy thoughts about the day to day life of your family today. You seem amazing!

momto9 said...

My thoughts exactly Dana!!! It's a very hard job!!!!!! My husband said to me today that in about 4 years I can work with himin the business.....I cringed!! The baby WILL be in school but will that make less laundry and food and baking to do? No it's just that finally I'l be able to keep up on thise things properly!!! Men! HA...they wouldn't last a week doing our job I tell ya!