summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Sunday, March 21, 2010

pizza and chicken wings...

Okay, I am not a great cook or anything, but practice makes perfect, and I have made alot of pizzas this winter. I buy the dough, but only if I can get it for a buck or less each. I figure four dollars for four pizza doughs is cheap enough, even though I can make it much cheaper. Anyway, I have learned to roll it out in flour with the rolling pin, instead of putting it on the pizza pan and trying to wrestle with it in oil. I roll it out, then put it on the oiled pan. Olive oil is yummiest. I have also found my favorite toppings: red onion and red peppers and bacon. I also make a plain cheese with butter and garlic sauce. The little girls like this.

And chicken wings, oh chicken wings....I could never be a vegetarian. I bake them 'til they're crispy, then add some to barbecue sauce and bake them a bit more....then add some to a mixture of Franks Red Hot Sauce and butter, and bake them for a while more too. Oh, are they good.

So we had a feast tonight, as we watched some more basketball....the Syracuse Orange have won their first two games of the tournament, yay! I am not a fanatic, but I do enjoy watching college basketball.

When we were finished with our cake and ice cream, we decided to take turns saying nice things about Kathryn. It was quite precious to hear the things the kids came up with. Jon, who is five, is quite the joker....he said, "I cannot think of any nice things, only bad things...", but then he said, "No, actually Kathryn is a nice sister because when I am feeling left out, she plays with me." It was sweet to hear her older brothers and sisters say nice things....and of course the Norwegians were included, and said some good things too.

Tuesday is Kathryn's actual twelth birthday, maybe I will do a bit of something for her then. And I will write what I remember about her birth....

I have been having baby dreams. Last night I dreamed I had a baby boy, and I went home from the hospital without him, and when I went back to pick him up, the nurses were very sorry but he had died. Ouch, ouch....I just cried in my sleep. And it woke me up. And I was sad about the baby I lost last year and I was sad about losing Robert....and I am not generally a sad person, but this baby thing is just sad for me. I am fine if I don't have another one, but these baby dreams...and I would be fine if I could just forget about losing that baby and forget about baby Robert, but I feel bad even saying that. I want him back, and I want him alive. Not that I am questioning God, or anything deep. Just a simple basic want. When I think of mommies who have lost babies who were alive then died, I just want to hug them all...I don't know how anyone can bear it.

I am tired tonight, the company has all retired for the night, and only Benjamin and I are still up, and Rosie is in her cage still being restless. I need to get to has been so busy...but so rewarding to get to know these four kids. I am still in awe that they are taking such a big vacation at MY HOUSE. They thank me for letting them stay here, and I am like, well, you guys are the ones blessing us. Our little ones just love them. Tomorrow they are taking a day trip to Toronto, Canada, and Niagra Falls. Margaret is going with them. Hopefully the border guards won't give them any trouble, I wrote a detailed permission slip with phone numbers. Well, I am yawning...


Darla said...

And I am right on your tail, as you post this, reading how your day went.

I am the only one left up...except our oldest one, but I don't want to acknowledge that she is still up doing homework, cause it is just too late for her to still be up doing that. I had promised her that I would help her with it once we got home from an evening visit, only to realize I had to run to the store to pick up some food for my husband for work tomorrow..then got home to feverish and wheezing baby...tried to wrestle frozen chicken into the crockpot (which, just after I had gotten done setting it all up and such, my baby puked into least the chicken wasn't in it yet-see, I'm trying to keep the thoughts more positive:) I just had to dump it out and wash it out real good!).

So, now as my baby's fever has subsided and he's tucked in, and my chicken is tucked into the crockpot, and I have snuck a very nummy sugar cookie I found on sale very, very cheap at the grocery I sit realizing I still haven't gotten to that homework with my daughter! :s

Happy Monday to you! :)

Virginia Revoir said...

Dang girl. Here I am dieting and you are talking about yummy homemade pizza! I've never made homemade pizza and I'm terrible about rolling out dough! It goes in all funny shapes. I'm gonna have to learn how to make pizza.

Chrissy in Chaos said...

Tuesday is my youngest son's 2nd birthday - I shall think of you guys on the other side of the pond then!!

16 blessings'mom said...

Okay Darla, you know you have a crazy life when you're thankful that when your baby barfed into the crockpot when the chicken wasn't in it yet. It amazes me how much we mommies are capable of because we have to be. And Jenny, make homemade pizza! Your kids will love driving you crazy, I mean helping....if you buy the shredded mozzarella at Sam's Club or BJ's in a five pound bag, it can be a very cheap meal...and Chrissy: I will be sure to tell Kathryn she shares a birthday with your little guy!