summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Thursday, March 25, 2010


i stayed up way too late is our living room last night: Stine doing Caroline's hair, Emily doing Joseph's hair, Sam on my computer, Aaron sitting on the floor near Joe and Caroline..oh, and Abigail sleeping near Sam...then Margaret in her Spongebob shirt, and Tor-Henning on his computer, and Idar....Kathryn had just gone to bed, and Benjamin was in the chair next to Idar, out of the picture. Mirielle had also just gone to bed, as this was close to one in the morning.
I like the pile of towels on the couch behind Emily and Stine....

Evelyn took this picture of Suzanne....Suze who couldn't fall asleep...and I don't blame her, her room is right down the hall, and it was noisy in she took all her bedding to the floor, and fell asleep while writing a story. And she WAS sound asleep.

Some kids draw on their hands. Joseph is one of them.

And some kids are just cute, Camille is one of them.

Kathryn's birthday party....Idar and our friend Mike, and Caroline and Evelyn....

Charlotte Claire....

Mirielle and Suzanne....

Evelyn Joy, 10, Suzanne Eleanor, 9, Kathryn Grace, 12 (happy birthday!), and Sonja Kathleen, 8.
Kaathryn Grace....(and how I wish our nice refridgerator was finger-print proof) I staying home today? ha. I let Jonathan stay home from school because he hasn't gotten much time with the big boys who are leaving today.....and I am so nice. He is as happy as can be right now, sitting on the couch with a pile of books, and watching SuperWhy on public television.
Today I have to take Benjamin to talk to the Army guy. He has to sign some papers allowing the Army guy (I mean no disrespect, I just do not know his rank) to get Benjamin's college records, the ones the college has refused to release because of a long story.....anyway, if the Army guy can succeed in this, Ben will go into the service with lots and lots of college credits, which is always better. Better pay, better job. The reason I have to go is that we only have our big van here and I am hesitant to let anyone just take it, even Ben, or should I say ESPECIALLY Ben.
Seeing that our company is leaving today, and will be coming upstairs any time now for breakfast and coffee, I probably should at least start thinking about getting up and getting busy. Everyday after I get all the kids out the door for school, I sit down and write before the little girls get up and I am too busy....I used to use that time to clean up and get as much done as I could before the baby or the kids got up....or, I had them already up and I shuffled and juggled and somehow survived....but I have gotten lazy.
Today is one of those days, too. Chilly and overcast, and as I sit here with my coffee, ah, it is nice. My chair is just too comfy. Tonight is going to be downright cold, in fact freezing. Tomorrow's high is freezing. brr. After all the nice days, brr.
Today is a busy day for our family. Paul, Emily, Abigail, Mirielle, Joseph, and Aaron are all leaving around one o'clock to go to the Dome for the NCAA tournament, working at a concession for a church fundraiser. They won't get home until probably midnight, then school and work for all of them tomorrow, then another tournament on Saturday. whew. I am glad I am just holding down the fort at home!
Well, I should at least put in a load of towels and start some coffee...

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