summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Monday, March 22, 2010

don't take jonny to applebees

That is a lesson that my sweet niece Katie learned, the hard way. It started out innocently enough....Katie and her husband Dave, along with their daughter Grace were going out to dinner. They thought it would be a grand idea to invite Sonja and Jonathan. Okay, twenty minutes to get them ready, clean clothes and hair brushed, then off they went. is what happened.

They ate their appetizers, and some of their food. Jonathan really liked the chocolate milk, so much that he had seconds.....his tummy must have been filled up to the top.....because when Dave asked him if he had had enough to eat, he --- he just barfed. Projectile style, all over the table and all over all the food.....over and over again. The waitresses were not impressed, in fact they didn't hide their disgust. Katie asked for gloves, and said she would clean it up herself, but Dave is such a nice guy, he cleaned up Jon in the bathroom (and turned his shirt inside out, which I think is hilarious), and sent Katie outside with the kids while he cleaned it up himself. I owe Dave a million dollars.

Mali is starting high school track today. I have to remember to go to the school and pick her up this afternoon. I have phone calls to make today, our lovely health insurance doesn't cover very much. But the new bill that was passed: I cannot say how dismayed I am at how quickly Americans want to give the government more power. The power to require Americans to have insurance. No choice, now it is mandatory. This is a free country, or rather it used to be. rrr. But I am not going to be bothered about this, because there is not a darned thing I can do about it. But just remember, the more power the government has, the more restrictions that will come....pretty soon people will be fined for smoking, fined for being fat, taxed on high calorie foods....

My dear Emily just stopped by, so...I want to talk with her....yay!


true blessings said...

taxed for being fat,then I better get to it!!!

Mary Kate said...

Oh, I don't mean to laugh, but LOL!!!! Our 4th child (now 7 yrs old) is just like that!! We have gone to a nice neighborhood restaurant for years, and I think our son has vomited chocolate milk there at least 4 times! Same exact thing as you described!

One time, my poor brother-in-law was sitting next to him and got a front row seat to The Chocolate Milk Show, complete with a "parting gift" all over his pants. Ew.

Your niece and her husband are such dears to handle the situation so nicely.

Martha said...

Guess Jonny won't be asked out to dinner again any time soon. Poor boy will probably never live that one down especially with an older sister to remind him. :P

Darla said...

Yikes!!! Well, one more thing to tack to my list of "At least"'s that I blogged last night. I blogged about my baby barfing (and his was the major projectile vomiting kind too...that's how it ended up in the crockpot). At least we weren't in a restaurant!!! :) :)

And the health bill...scary! We were all so dismayed when we heard the results of the vote yesterday! Starting to sound a little socialistic to me. And we have plenty of family and friends who have lived in countries that have started like this and have said you do not want to see this country's health care going down this road! I'm with you, I have to try not to think about it 'cause there's nothing we can do at this point!

Joni said...

Goodness sakes - waiters/waitresses can hide their disgust and just deal with it. What'd they think, he did it just for fun? Well - a story to remember!

For the healthcare ... another thing it will bring is waiting in lines. We know how this system works because we live it - you'll be taken care of, if you don't die in line as you're waiting your turn. It's true! Usually won't die because they'll squeal you in if it's really an emergency, but for example if the drs determine a person's gallbladder has to come out, it is truly an automatic 6 month waiting in line 'unless you get to the point you really can't live with it.' Then they'll do it sooner. Well, as you said it's better not to get too worked up because it won't help, but ...

Cassandra said...

Poor Jonny, he wont live that one down... Has it turned him off chocolate milk ?

I had to laugh, taxed for being fat lol. but i get what your saying, now although i dont live in the us people should have realised that this was going to happen when Obama was elected.
Over here we have a govt run health care system, you can have private insurance which is optional and we dont because we are generally healthy people but if you need something done and its not an emergency you have to wait. END.OF.STORY. and in some cases you'll be lucky if you dont get forgotten... I had to wait 12 weeks to have a procedure done once for my unexplained pain/ constant sickness (this was years ago) and by the time my turn came i was over whatever it was... Anyway i am sure you really wanted to know that ;-)

Cassandra xx