summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Sunday, June 15, 2008

sunday evening

The movie "Driving Miss Daisy", with Morgan Freeman and Jessica Tandy, is a good movie....

Camille is tucked into bed.....I love her dearly, but she is a handful...she likes being at the dinner table with us every night. She sits on my lap, because I am a mom, and I have the quickest protect-the-baby-from hot food reflexes....I can eat with my left hand while dodging her llllooooong arms and quick, grabby hands. I know what foods are all right for her to taste, and what would be crazy to give her.....she likes to get down on the floor now, but she usually spits up at least once when she has tummy time. She rolls around, back to front, front to back, swiveling on her tummy, doing airplane things....finding things too small for babies..(.I have to vacuum every single day....) she likes to go outside, and look all around....she knows all the kids, she cried at Joe's of the kids wondered how she can know all the 17 of the rest of us, and cry at another boy.

Charlotte Claire is getting very vocal....from one word, to putting them together....she hurt her foot on the door today, and Abigail picked her up and asked her if she hurt her, she would say to each toe....Ab told her she ran out of toes, and we laughed....then she pointed to the top of her foot, and said, "owie foot"... she inquires if Camille is having numnummuumies? The way she makes it a question that she knows the answer to all in one word is amazing....(she asks this when I'm nursing Camille).....she likes going in the we have to keep the doors here closed, and an eye on her....we have a fence around the pool, and a removable ladder, but when the older ones are swimming, I tell them they have to make sure that if she escapes the house, and finds the ladder, they notice! ....the three little ones aren't allowed on the ladder without their floaties....Jon and Sonja understand, but Charlotte Claire doesn't care what we say.....we have to know where she is at all times....she isn't super hyper or anything, she likes to sit and read books, and play with dollhouse's just that she's so silent....I mean, she doesn't announce, "I think I'll go outside now!" No, she just slips out if the opportunity presents itself...and she never says, "I'm going to go play in the toilet!"....No, she just moseys (is that a word) on in there and splashes around....

So, I do alot of praying....and thankfully Jon keeps pretty good tabs on Charlotte Claire......she's actually not that bad, I just tend to imagine the worst, and am quite paranoid about their safety sometimes....I guess there is alot going on at the same time sometimes....and it's hard to keep track of who's where doing what....

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Enola said...

My 4 year old asked to go outside and I told her "not now." Little bugger waited until I was getting dressed to slip outside and go ride her bike in our driveway. She didn't understand why I freaked out when I couldn't find her in the house. Or why I yelled at her to get back inside NOW and lectured her about going outside. She really wasn't happy about being placed in time out until she was ready to listen and not say "I'll listen when I go back outside." That's okay --- Mommy wasn't happy when she threw her 2 chairs at the closed bedroom door. Sigh.....the life of a mom!