summer 2011

summer 2011

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Paul and I, all 16 kids and Ashley, Benjamin's wife...Christmas 2012

Friday, October 30, 2009

friday school skippers, and mexico!

Seven kids are here right now, in the kitchen and living room. Camille is still sleeping, Samuel and Mali are sleeping (I don't know about Sam, but Mali wasn't feeling well yesterday, Abigail had to go pick her up yesterday. Then Abigail left for Stephanie's house (she nicely brought both little girls with her), and the nurse called again for Evelyn...she had a low-grade fever. I got Benjamin to go get her, then the nurse called yet again, and said Suzanne was in Ben got her, too...)

So I told them they could all stay home today. In fact, the school doesn't want the to come back until they are fever free for 24 hours. Suze didn't have a fever, she was shivering because her class had a pool party, and she seems fine now. She likes going to the nurse. But Evelyn...she has a fever, and looks awful. I woke up this morning to several girls shrieking and screaming because Evelyn coughed and gagged and - and I will stop here, but the other girls did not like it one little bit. I told her she should try to head to the bathroom, but ...jeepers. Her sisters need to control themselves, the poor girl is sick. And, I decided I don't want to be a nurse.

Jonathan and Sonja could have gone today, but I told them they could skip. After all, they are having a Halloween parade, most parents go and watch and then drive their kids home. So....

It doesn't look good for all of us to go tonight....oh well. I can stay with Evelyn. And Mali.

The worst thing about this cold/flu or whatever I have is that I cannot smell anything, or taste anything. My coffee is good because it is hot and feels nice in my throat, but I can't taste it. The good thing is that I have no appetite at all. Nothing much sounds good. I don't think I would want it to always be this way though. Last night Joseph put 4 or 5 single serving pizzas in the oven. They had gone to cleaning, and had eaten just a quick bit of dinner. So he brought one to me, with a knife and fork. Wow. I shared with Paul while we looked at vacation places.....but I couldn't even taste it.

So we are thinking Mexico. The resorts we liked in Jamaica are pretty booked, the cheaper rooms anyway. Cancun, the coast of Mexico, very pretty beaches, and some of the places there are magnificent. We found two that we really like that have excellent reviews. Room service, beach waiters, all meals at nice restaurants included with no reservations. That was a big deciding factor for us, the reservation thing. In the reviews we read, some places had people getting up at 6:30 am to make them....and some people never got into the nice ones. That sounds like a major headache to me. Anyway, someone pinch me. This paragraph seems like something I would be reading on someone else's blog, not writing on my own. I cannot believe we are actually going.

The girls are picking up the living room so they can go outside to play. It is cool and cloudy and damp and windy, but it appeals to them. I asked them to please not get all wet and muddy. The washing machine has been flashing "F20" too much to accomplish much laundry. I realize that if I don't want them to get wet and muddy, I should make them stay in the house, but.....when I was little, we alway got to go out and play. Granted, there were seven of us, and mostly just Casey and I getting all muddy.....

Well.....things to sick day was nice yesterday....Abigail took the girls to Stephanie's house with her and I totally relaxed. Except for the calls from the nurse. And the girls coming in sick. But I had a nice cold glass of apple juice and a handful of almonds, and looked at vacation was nice. Now I need to snap to it and get moving.....


momto9 said...

hope you all get over this nasty sickness soon!!
Just wanted to tell you my post this morning is not in response to your skippers in this post:):):) I just found this post and then realized "oh no this makes it look like I was indirectly talking about you:)" so just thought I'd tell you that:):)


Hope you get to feeling better soon! I am so envious of your vacation plans. My husband and I have not been on a vacation in close to ten years. And we can't use kids as an excuse.